Law Firm
In case things don`t go to plan,
It can be a great relief to learn that there is a plan to solve your legal problems.

Even if you can't imagine it: many things have happened more than once in one way or another. Like a craftsman who produces similar unique pieces and gets routine, it is also the case with lawyers. Similar individual cases lead to experience in the resolution of similar cases.

We have been running our craft for 25 years.

Telephone number in an emergency (e.g., house search and imprisonment):
+49 (172) 51 666 07 (RA Stoffels, Lawyer)
Your Lawyers
Stefan Kattelmann
Stefan Kattelmann
Lawyer for labour law
Michael Gelhard
Michael Gelhard
Lawyer for banking law & capital markets law
Detlev Stoffels
Detlev Stoffels
Lawyer for Criminal Law
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